The Riemann-Lebesgue Lemma, D=11/ D=10 SuperGravity Actions, and Fourier Analysis

In my last post, I used the GKP-Witten relation {Z_{CFT}} = {e^{ - {S_{GRAVITY}}}}({\phi _i}) to solve to ‘Ricci/dilaton’ problem for the action of supergravity, since the holographic formula derived

    \[{S_A} = \frac{{\left| {{\gamma _A}} \right|}}{{4G_N^3}} = \frac{{\frac{{3R}}{{2G_N^{(3)}}}}}{3}{\rm{log}}\left( {\frac{{{l_s}}}{g}} \right)\]

with {l_s} being the string length, allowed us to compute the Matsubara frequencies

AdS/CFT Duality, GKP-Witten Relation, and U(1)-Symmetric Holography

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